316L Stainless Steel St. Brigid's Cross Earrings

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316L Stainless Steel St. Brigid's Cross Earrings

This  New Beautiful St Brigid's Cross is made 316 L Stainless Steel and full of impeccable detail. This striking symbol from Ireland of woven rushes is truly lovely. Black antiquing helps to accent the details. 

Details include: 

Cross is 5/8" tall without the ear wire
Cross is 5/8" wide
Piece is 1 3/8" overall
Flat Shiny Back
Has a matching pendant

There was an old pagan Chieftain who lay delirious on his deathbed in Kildare (some believe this was her father) and his servants summoned Brigid to his beside in the hope that the saintly woman may calm his restless spirit. Brigid is said to have sat by his bed, consoling and calming him and it is here that she picked up the rushes from the floor and began weaving them into the distinctive cross pattern. Whilst she weaved, she explained the meaning of the cross to the sick Chieftain and it is thought her calming words brought peace to his soul. He was so enamored by her words that the old Chieftain requested he be baptized as a Christian just before his passing.

Since that day, and for the centuries that followed, it has been customary on the eve of her Feast Day (1st February) for the Irish people to fashion a St. Brigid's Cross of straw or rushes and place it inside the house over the door. 

*316 L Stainless Steel does NOT tarnish or rust. It is very hard and durable. It has a beautiful luster that can be buffed and polished to remove fingerprints or scratch

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